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The 7 Virtues of Bushido

Bushido means "The way of the warrior."   The Bushido held restrictions on the Samurai, prohibiting them to do many things and to live a very honest life.  This is not only good for Samurai, but for everyone as it will make each who follows a truer person.   There are seven virtues of the Bushido.  1.  "Gi"-Integrity.  To do the right thing by yourself.  A Samurai must be smart in making choices and always chose what is good for the clan.  He will make the right choice even if left alone.  Practice Gi in everything you do. 2.  "Yuuki"-Bravery and courage.  To show courage every moment of living, in danger or not.   3.  "Jin"- Kindness and compassion.  To show everyone kindness and show compassion for all regardless.       4.  "Rei"- Politeness.  Politeness is different in Japan, politeness is more than just being kind, its about caring about others, and some say it borders an almost love-like feeling.       5.  "Makoto"- Honesty.  Be true by the actions you show, and by the words you speak.  Follow the laws of the universe and you will become an honest person.       6.  "Meiyo"- To enjoy the honor.  A Samurai must earn honor and enjoy it if he is to satisfying the codes of the Bushido.     7.  "Chuugi"- To be loyal.  To be trustful, loyal, and show these unconditionally to others. The Bushido code is a unique set of codes that allowed the Samurai to be the utmost professional warriors till this day.  Now, not only is it popular in Japan, it is popular all over the world, a book on the Bushido called Bushido, The Soul of Japan written by Inazo Nitobe was read by Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.



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