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Nations of the Realm

A Nation is defined as a group with cohesive customs, belief systems, and defined hierarchies that have historically accurate representation. A Nation’s leadership holds authority over their Branches and are responsible for helping them succeed and grow. Nations are divided into Districts.

A District is defined as a generalized geographic location that encompasses multiple groups within the Nation, i.e. Northern, Central, and Southern. Districts are further divided into Branches.

A Branch is defined as a group of individuals within a Nation. Branches are typically found within a defined geographic location such as a specific park. These individuals should also form a cohesive unit of customs and beliefs separate of other Branches but within the defined historical boundaries of their Nation’s culture.

Current Recognized Branches

Tatakai no Oni - Gaijin/Japanese
District: Central
Location: Tampa, FL
Cu Cuan - Gallowglass
District: Honorable East Asia Company
Location: Greenacres, FL
Kaneyama - Japanese
District: Honorable East Asia Company
Location: Greenacres, FL
Erlik Khanate Heraldry.jpg
Erlik Khanate - Mongolian
District: Farrest North
Location: Lockport, NY
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