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Joining Way of the Sword

Here's How!


So you've found us, great! But wait--where do you even start??


Short answer? Do the thing. Find like-minded people, create garb, build weapons, train, duel, battle!

Here's how!


a) Visit the "Locations" tab. Find a practice park near you and contact the host for more information.

b) Visit the "Upcoming Events" tab to make plans. Event types include Day Battles, Campouts, and attendance at conventions.

c) Become a Citizen! A Citizen is an individual that has paid their annual membership dues, and thus is covered by our insurance, can hold rank, be a voting member of the organization, and even be elected as an Administrative member.

No practice locations near by?


Don't be discouraged. You can start your own practice!

Contact us and express your interest in starting up your own practice. We can help get you started with a welcome package of important documents, training on how to run a practice by one of our administrators, and starter weapons and basic garb if needed.

Either way, you’ll need the following basics:​​

Here is the current standard set of rules for all official Way of the Sword practices and events.


This contract must be signed by a Branch Leader and one other Branch representative before being turned in to the Board of Directors. Note: The contract MUST be signed by a Director and returned to the Branch Leader for the Contract to be officiated.


All participants in Way of the Sword Combat Sports are REQUIRED to fill out these forms, and practice or event hosts are to keep them on file.

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