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About Way of the Sword

Way of the Sword (WotS) Combat Sports is a boffer combat organization that was initially sparked by cultural, historical, and martial inspirations. We use safe, foam-padded replica weaponry, garments, and training techniques to bring both camaraderie and competition to the table. In WotS, our goal is about following the ancient and respected path of the warrior, so you can become more than what you are. As such, we are dedicated to promoting healthy active lifestyles, the continual pursuit of education, and fostering personal growth of self.


For the samurai, being a warrior wasn’t just a job. The “Way of the Warrior” (Bushido) was a way of life, implementing a rigid value system of education, self-discipline, and honor that required them to live and often-times die in the service of their lords.

WotS was originally inspired by feudal-era Japanese martial culture. But just as Japan has never been the only country in the world, so too are other nations and cultures present in the WotS organization. We often work within a defined timeline range (pre-1600's, though often times just referred to as "medieval"). This timeline allows for a wide range of rich character and cultural development within these historical parameters.

The organization itself does not have a predefined story line, however individual cultures may have their own, so please check with your respective leaders.

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